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company: Jiwooglobal

owner: JiNa Kim


(company email address has changed. Please send order here.)

business site : Kakao plus friend ID: kpop supplier

Jiwooglobal homepage :

Mobile: +82 10 9066 6826

There is no counseling through phone and Kakao Talk. Only available through email and business site.


I am jiwooglobal owner Jina Kim~^^

nice to meet you~!
We have no catalogs and price lists.

I only order what I received order

You can write what you want on the order form and send it by e-mail.

and After you have calculated the price of all the items you ordered, you will need to sent the down payment.

Please send confirmation shot after payment

If the deposit is not confirmed, we will not place an order.

I will tell you what you can and can not save in 3 days.

If you want to order another site, please send me a link. I can ship together.

and When packaging in complete, we will send you the final bill.

You can check the original price of you want album through the Aladin site.

You can inquire anytime via business site and e-mail

Thank you~!


JiNa Kim
Kakao plus friend ID: kpop supplier
E-mail :


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