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company: Jiwooglobal

owner: JiYun Kim


(company email address has changed. Please send order here.)

business site : Kakao plus friend ID: kpop supplier

Jiwooglobal homepage :

Mobile: +82 10 9066 6826

There is no counseling through phone and Kakao Talk. Only available through email and business site.


Be sure to check it first

(kpop export company)

*Low price due to contract with major record companies

* Bulk ordering for wholesalers∙retailer / fan clubs

*Recommend delivery method through many export experiences

* High discount rate with contract with FedEx shipper

no catalogs and price lists. (We only order what was received order in the order form.)

How to order

write order after clicking order form

Check our policy to check your discount.(Promotional Items Check Promotion)

After calculating the price of all the items ordered, you need to send 100% down payment of the items.

Please send a confirmation shot after payment

If the deposit is not confirmed, we will not place an order.

Please send us a link to order another site. Can be shipped together.(Please check  purchase fee)

We will tell you in two days what you can and can't buy.

All deliveries are completed within 5 days.

We will send you the final invoice when the packing is complete.

You can check the original price of the desired album through the Aladin site.

(This site has nothing to do with us and only checks prices.)

You can contact us at any time via business site and email

(Shipping method, additional inquiry, invoice inquiry, delivery date, etc…)

We will not answer beyond the inquiry time and will respond sequentially at the appointed time

We don't explain the product. You can check the details by searching directly or through the aladin site.

(We will not answer any detailed information regarding the product, such as the design

of the product, track list,or release date.)

Warehouse service available (Check the policy)


JiNa Kim
Kakao plus friend ID: kpop supplier
E-mail :

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