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▣ kpop export company

●Low price due to contract with major record companies

● Bulk ordering for wholesalers∙retailer / fan clubs

●Recommend delivery method through many export experiences

●High discount rate with contract with FedEx shipper

●company: Jiwooglobal

owner: JiYun Kim


(company email address has changed. Please send order here.)

●business site : Kakao plus friend ID: kpop supplier

Jiwooglobal homepage :

●Mobile: +82 10 9066 6826

There is no counseling through phone and Kakao Talk. Only available through email and business site.

▣ How to measure size weight >

●EMS :How to measure size weight : (Width x Length x Height)/6000

●DHL/FEDEX :How to measure size weight : (Width x Length x Height)/5000

●EMS’s shipping cost is officially all the same

⇒We are getting a high discount rate from our contract with Fedex and DHL

⇒If desired, we will compare the shipping cost of each carrier before shipping and let you know

⇒We do not know the shipping cost until the packaging is complete. Because the size weight can’t be measured

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