Warehouse service

*Warehouse Services (Information you need to know)

*please send us the exact tracking number and your name first. Recipient=Please write your English name

*We measure the weight including the weight of the box

*The price of 1 kg and 5 kg is the same.

*If delivery is difficult due to the size, an additional fee will be charged.

*We are not responsible for any problems caused by your fault.(Incorrect information, sudden address change.etc…)

*We give you the tracking number and weight. And only Provides an overall picture

*We don’t check the quantity and product quality.

*If you want to ship domestically, a domestic shipping fee and a packaging fee of 3,000 won per box will be charged.

*If it is more than 30kg, the weight is measured again except 30kg.


*Storage period: 20 days from the date the first item arrived at the warehouse

500 won per day will be charged after 20 days.

*sea cargo ( UMAC, SUPER GEM, LBC)

*Storage period: 30 days from the date the first item arrived at the warehouse

800 won per day will be charged after 30 days.

* If you purchase more than $1000 from our company(If your order in currently in progress)

Storage period: warehouse service is available until jumbo box or regular box is full.

*For bulky items, compression pack packaging is possible Quilt, blanket, cushion, doll, jumper, clothes, etc.

small size : each 3,000won

80×120 size : each 6,000won

*Please fill out your package details on the warehouse service form and send it to us.

If you update your package , you must send the updated form back to us.

If you request a warehouse service form through our email, we will send the form to your email.

Jiwooglobal E-mail : jiwooglobalkorea@naver.com

* warehouse Information
NAME : Please use your English name
Address : 대구광역시 수성구 지범로 31안길 7-4,1층 / 대구광역시 수성구 지산1동 1291-10번지,1층
(1F, 7-4, Jibeom-ro 31an-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu) / 1F, Jisan 1 dong 1291-10 , Suseong-gu, Daegu)
postal code: 42193 or 1291-10
Phone number: 010-9066-6826 (+82-10-9066-6826)

up to / weight service fee
up to 5kg 10,000won
up to 10kg 15,000won
up to 15kg 30,000won
up to 20kg 40,000won
up to 25kg 50,000won
up to 30kg 60,000won

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