buying service

*Buying service fee

*In case of substitution for purchasing, we will receive 10% service charge of the total 100% advance deposit, only 8 % service charge is received the product for the withdrama site. (but Lightstick 10% service charge)

You must send the item name and price to the order form exactly.
(We cannot place an order unless you have completed a link on the order form.)

We don’t purchase goods in dollars and If it is a reservation product, you must send me an order to me 3 days before the end of sale
(We are not responsible for any defects in purchased goods that we cannot directly identify. (For overseas shipments, it may be difficult to get a refund .)

Please fill out your order details on the buying service form and send it to us.

If you update your order, you must send the updated form back to us.

If you request a buying service form through our email, we will send the form to your email.

Jiwooglobal E-mail :

∎jiwooglobal discount∙pre-order∙packing and packing service charge information

*register airmail ,EMS, and Fedex packing service fee

up to 10kg=5,000won

up to 20kg=8,000won

up to 30kg=10,000won

total weight = Size weight and weight are compared and measured as the larger one

*sea cargo packing service fee(only philippines)

supergem , umac , LBC, Gold star

(jumbo box)=30,000 won / (regula box , Mini box )=20,000 won

*For bulky items, compression pack packaging is possible Quilt, blanket, cushion, doll, jumper, clothes, etc.

small size : each 3,000won

80×120 size : each 6,000won

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