▣ Our company's general details are addressed as the followings. Please check carefully


●How to order (Minimum order quantity :10 pcs (can be all CD,DVD,Photobook Include .except for Goods)

1> Go to the our website and click on the order form
⇒ If you send me your email address, I will send you an order form. jiwooglobal Email address: jiwooglobalkorea@naver.com

● Order procedure

① Please check normal price of the album you want

② Please check the quantity of your order and our apply the discount rate to calculate your deposit

If this is difficult, you can write a list to order and send it to our email and we calculate it and send you .

Our E-mail: jiwooglobalkorea@naver.com

③ Please deposit 100% of all order amount and send us a deposit confirmation photo by e-mail.

We don’t proceed with the order unless the deposit is confirmed

④ We send the order to our supplier

⑤We will notify you by e-mail within 1 to 3 days after we check the products that have been sold out

⑥ When the ordered item arrives, we update it to you and pack it.

⑦we will send you the final bill when the packing completed.

⑧Once the deposit is confirmed, the tracking number is sent via email or business site.

● Ordering ∙ Delivery process
⇒ orderfrom + 100% deposit ->Confirm->order-> Packing->Final bill-> Confirmation of payment-> delivery-> send Invoice

●Order form Update

①Additional order update

⇒If you have additional orders, please update the last order form and email again.

Please connect and update within one order form

(If the order is duplicated because of this, it cannot be cancelled and we are not responsible.)

② Update remaining order after delivery

⇒If you receive the bill and the order is left, please delete the goods shipped immediately to avoid confusion,

update the remaining quantity accurately and send it back to e-mail

(If the order is duplicated because of this, it cannot be cancelled and we are not responsible.)

③We will notify you if additional down payment is required

●Promotion (pre-order)

⇒Promotion is sent by email and group text service.
⇒You can check at My kakao plus friend homepage and promotion in jiwooglobal website also.
⇒We will take order up to the date of the pre-order we suggested (We guarantee 100% benefits on pre-orders.).
⇒Please keep the date and time of the Pre-order (It can be sold out before release date.)
⇒If the version cannot be selected, it will be shipped in same quantity or in random.
⇒If you want to add quantity after pre-order date, please let me know exactly what version and quantity.
I’ll let you know as soon as possible
⇒Shipment after the release date is in a first-come, first-served order. Please wait until you get the final bill.

● notice

⇒ Please order carefully.
You can’t cancel the order once the advance deposit has been made.

⇒ If you change the shipping information, you must send it by e-mail at least 2 days in advance

⇒ We can cancel your order and do not refund the deposit if money is not paid of receipt of the bill.

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