UMAC / LBC / SUPER GEM / Gold star

pick up date

  • LBC=Pick up only Sunday (for Pick-up, only philippines)
  • umac cargo= Pick up only Monday(for Pick-up, only philippines)
  • supergem=Pick up only Sunday (for Pick-up, only philippines)
  • Gold star= reservation

sea cargo shipping fee(only philippines)

Jumbo box cost

  • umac shipping fee:110,000won
  • LBC shipping fee:120,000won
  • supergem shipping fee:110,000won
  • Gold star shipping fee:

regula box cost

  • umac shipping fee:80,000won
  • LBC shipping fee:80,000won
  • supergem shipping fee:80,000won
  • Gold star shipping fee:

mini box cost

  • umac shipping fee:40,000won
  • LBC shipping fee:50,000won
  • supergem shipping fee:50,000won
  • Gold star shipping fee:

sea cargo packing service fee(only philippines)

(jumbo box)=30,000 won

(regula box/Mini box )=20,000 won

Tracking method

TEL NO:(63)02-443-5779/02-359-2190

C.P NO: 0998-5470089

0947-4783810  Call directly to track 

Due to the coronavirus on LBC airline, the fare has been raised once again,

From January 18, 2021, we will guide you with increased air fares.

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