Our company's general details are addressed as the followings

∎Ordering∙Delivery ∙Inquiry time Infromation

*Ordering time : Mon – Fri (by 11AM)
If you order after the above time, it will be proceeded on the next day.

*Delivery and delivery time

  • Register airmail and EMS: Monday ~ Friday at 3 p. m.
  • FedEx: Monday~Saturday by 10 a. m. (for Reservation)
  • LBC cargo=Pick-up every Sunday, only philippines)
  • supergem=Pick-up every Sunday, only philippines)
  • umac cargo= Pick-up every Monday, only philippines)

After the above delivery time, it will be shipped the following date.

*Inquiry : Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
We will not answer beyond the inquiry time and will respond sequentially at the appointed time. We don't explain the product.
You can check the details by searching directly or through the aladin site.
(We will not answer any detailed information regarding the product, such as the design of the product, track list, or release date.)

∎jiwooglobal discount∙pre-order∙service charge information

*jiwooglobal normal discount

  • CD:1~19 pcs:10%off
  • 20pcs~: 13%off (can be mixed. Exclude DVD, Photobook, and promotion album)
  • DVD, Photobook: before released date – 10%off,after released – 8%off magazine, goods, Lightstick : no discount

*Promotion (pre-order)

  • Promotion is sent by email and group text service.
  • You can check at My kakao plus friend homepage and promotion in jiwooglobal website also.
  • We will take order only up to the date of the pre-order we suggested (We guarantee 100% benefits on pre-orders.).
  • Please keep the date and time of the Pre-order (It can be sold out before release date.)
  • ∙If the version cannot be selected, it will be shipped in same quantity or in random.
    If you want to add quantity after pre-order date, please let me know exactly what version and quantity.
  • I'll let you know as soon as possible if you can add more products.
  • Shipment after the release date is in a first-come, first-served order. Please wait until you get the final bill.

∎jiwooglobal discount∙pre-order∙service charge information

*register airmail ,EMS, and Fedex service fee

  • up to 10kg=5,000won
  • up to 20kg=8,000won
  • up to 30kg=10,000won

total weight = Size weight and weight are compared and measured as the larger one

*sea cargo service fee(only philippines)

  • supergem , umac , LBC, Gold star
    (jumbo box)=30,000 won / (regula box , Mini box )=20,000 won

*Buying service fee

*In case of substitution for purchasing, we will receive 10% service charge of the total
100% advance deposit, only 8 % service charge is received the product for the withdrama site. (but Lightstick 10% service charge)
You must send the item name and price to the order form exactly.
(We cannot place an order unless you have completed a link on the order form.)
We don’t purchase goods in dollars and If it is a reservation product, you must send me an order to me 3 days before the end of sale
(We are not responsible for any defects in purchased goods that we cannot directly identify. (For overseas shipments, it may be difficult to get a refund .)

∎Ordering ∙ Delivery process

  • orderfrom + 100% deposit ->Confirm->order-> Packing->Final bill-> Confirmation of payment-> delivery-> send Invoice

∎How to order (Minimum order quantity :10 pcs (can be all CD,DVD,Photobook Include .except for Goods)

  1. Go to the homepage and click on the order form
    *If you send me your email address, I will send you an order form. jiwooglobal Email address: jiwooglobalkorea@naver.com

∎Customs report amount, item list, and requirements, etc..

Customs declarations can only be expressed in dollars and recommend them when inquiring about customs
and shipping but are not responsible for any aspects
(it is best to check your customs type directly.)
For sea cargo, you do not need to fill out this

2. Please order carefully.
You can’t cancel the order once the advance deposit has been made.

3. Please check the price of the album you want on the Aladin site (see the above picture). Please check the quantity of your order and the release date, apply the discount rate to calculate all amounts, then deposit 100% of the purchase price, and email us your order sheet and confirmation photo. We don’t proceed with the order unless the deposit is confirmed ( the aladin site is It has nothing to do with our company.Just an update is a quick and sell only at fixed price site.)

4 .If you have additional orders, please update the last order form and email again.
Please connect and update within one order form
We will notify you if additional down payment is required

5. We will notify you by e-mail within 1 to 3 days after we identify the products that have been sold out after the order

6. If you change the shipping information, you must send it by e-mail at least 2 days in advance

7. If you receive the bill and the order is left, please delete the goods shipped immediately to avoid confusion,
update the remaining quantity accurately and send it back to e-mail
(If the order is duplicated because of this, it cannot be cancelled and we are not responsible.)

8. We do not know the exact amount until the package is completed and we will send you the final bill when the package is completed.
Once the deposit is confirmed, the tracking number is sent via email or business site.
We can cancel your order and do not refund the deposit if money is not paid within 15 days of receipt of the bill.


  • All payments are calculated in USD or won and all items in the bill are calculated in KRW.
    All times and dates are based on the Seoul time of Korea,
    and The exchange rate is measured by calculating the exchange rate on the deposit date and the same day exchange rate.
  • Deposits should be sent in a certain way (won only or dollar only).
    If you change the dollar to won = Converted based on PayPal exchange rate


  • ∙ We deliver posters by rolling them away without grounding them.
  • * poster tube If you wish to purchase, please indicate the size and quantity on the order form.
  • 65cm=1,300won / 55cm=1,300 won

*Warehouse Services (Information you need to know)

*please send us the exact tracking number and your name first. Recipient=Please write your English name

*We measure the weight including the weight of the box

*The price of 1 kg and 5 kg is the same.

*If delivery is difficult due to the size, an additional fee will be charged.

*We are not responsible for any problems caused by your fault.(Incorrect information, sudden address change.etc…)

*We give you the tracking number and weight. And only Provides an overall picture

*We don't check the quantity and product quality.

*If you want to ship domestically, a domestic shipping fee and a packaging fee of 3,000 won per box will be charged.

*If it is more than 30kg, the weight is measured again except 30kg.

up to / weight service fee
up to 5kg 10,000won
up to 10kg 15,000won
up to 15kg 30,000won
up to 20kg 40,000won
up to 25kg 50,000won
up to 30kg 60,000won


*Storage period: 20 days from the date the first item arrived at the warehouse

500 won per day will be charged after 20 days.

*sea cargo ( UMAC, SUPER GEM, LBC)

*Storage period: 30 days from the date the first item arrived at the warehouse

800 won per day will be charged after 30 days.

* If you purchase more than $1000 from our company(If your order in currently in progress)

Storage period: warehouse service is available until jumbo box or regular box is full.

& Additional charge notice

*Detail photo service and checking service

If you want detailed photos or quantity confirmation, 3,000 won per box will be charged.

*Detail packing service

We do bubble wrap

If you want to pack as boxes in a jumbo box, 15,000 won will be added.

* warehouse Information

NAME : Please use your English name

Address : 대구광역시 수성구 지범로 31안길 7-4,1층 / 대구광역시 수성구 지산1동 1291-10번지,1층

(1F, 7-4, Jibeom-ro 31an-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu) / 1F, Jisan 1 dong 1291-10 , Suseong-gu, Daegu)

postal code: 42193 or 1291-10

Phone number: 010-9066-6826 (+82-10-9066-6826)

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