★Stray Kids-2nd Album NOEASY(A /B ver.)

2021-07-30 17:46
★Stray Kids-2nd Album NOEASY
(A /B ver.)

2021.08. 24 .RELEASE
Original Price : 17,800 won
1pc~: 15,300won
30pcs~: 15,100won
60pcs~: 14,900won
100pcs~: 14,600won
150pcs~: 14,400won

*If you want a card, please order it separately on the order form.
You cannot only order cards
May be sold out quickly

Can not choose ver.
Can be sold out before released date.
After confirming the quantity and discounted price, please send me all album price 100% deposit and order form.
If the deposit is not confirmed ,we will not place an order.
Plz order first and keep update the quantity with price. Promotion by first pre-order 08/06 , 4 P.M
2nd pre-order 08/012 , 4 P.M

Q: if you want to order / add order after promotion
A: Until the release date you can update your order
but you have to contact me first /You must send the pre- order first and update it daily
Q: Promootion price application period
A: If it is a promotional album before release, you can get the promotional price until the release date.

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