★IU 5th Album ‘LILAC’

2021-03-07 13:52
★IU 5th Album ‘LILAC’
2021.03 .26 .RELEASE
Original Price :19,300 won
1pc~: 16,400won
30pcs~: 16,000won
80pcs~: 15,600won
120pcs~: 15,400won
150pcs~: 15,200won

Can be sold out before released date.
After confirming the quantity and discounted price, please send me all album price 100% deposit and order form.
If the deposit is not confirmed ,we will not place an order.
Plz order first and keep update the quantity with price. Promotion by 03/07 , 4P.M

Q: if you want to order / add order after promotion
A: Until the release date you can update your order
but you have to contact me first /You must send the pre- order first and update it daily
Q: Promootion price application period
A: If it is a promotional album before release, you can get the promotional price until the release date.

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